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Divine Solution for Society in Difficulty (DSSD)
Divine Solution for Society in Difficulty (DSSD)


Divine Solution for Society in Difficulty (DSSD) is born only with unique will, to help every enterprise to boost sales and be leader in a conflictual environment.
DSSD can help you move from status quo to innovative action by thinking, creating and conceptualizing divine strategies to consolidate your gains and increase your market share. 
After more professional experience years spent in marketing and sales, a group of friends decided to be separated from our employers to build our own business.                      
With maturity, professionalism and business mindset, the group decided to create Divine Solution for Society in Difficulty which represents messiah for national and international enterprises.

Divine Solution for Society in Difficulty (DSSD) is an international company founded in 2007 by group of friends. Our company benefits from its long professional experience of his founder, staff and consultants.



  • Legal statute : SARL au capital de 1 000 000 FCFA
  • Geographic Localization : II PLATEAUX
  • Mail address : BP 457 ABIDJAN 08
  • E-mail address : info@dssdinter.com
  • Téléphone : (225) 22 50 12 04 / 04 53 85 08
  • Fax : (225) 22 49 06 74
  • RC : 03-A-794
  • CC : 41 04 71
  • Logo: an eagle flying with DSSD , symbol of power , divinity, international vision on future.
  • Slogan: No more waste, more profit.
  • Site web : www.dssdinter.com



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